The Completely True Tales of Jax: Part 6

Litna…that was her name; Belore’s wife. She was as tall as she was pretty with arms like tree trunks. When she met me, the first thing she did was laugh and slap me across the back. She left a handprint where she struck that was there for a week! Her laugh was startling, like the sound a cow might make if you tickled it.

She welcomed us into her home and offered us all something to drink while we waited for dinner. I did not want to be rude, but I had not eaten all day, so I just sat there nursing two or three cups before the food came. Have you eaten in Pacia before? The food is spicy! Really spicy, like their…never mind. I said, never mind!

Captain and Belore were real chummy at this point, joking and comparing who’s men were stronger. We got into a competition. Belore suggested that Captain leave one of his men in Myridian as security. That way, if he or any of his men did not return, there would be some sort of payback. I took one look at Litna and tried to volunteer, but Belore suggested a wrestling match. Whoever won would stay behind.

Now mind you, I was like ten pounds soaking wet back then. Bren went first and got walloped. I went like third or fourth, and it was the same. Finally, this guy named Hindell comes out victorious. I think he might have been cheating, but it did not matter because then Captain challenged him! Captain whooped him good, fully tackling him to the ground and flipping him over his shoulder. I stood there with my mouth open like a fool.

Belore shook his head, questioning if Captain really trusted his men without him. Wouldn’t it make more sense if he went along instead? So, Captain challenges Belore! No weapons, just hand to hand combat, winner gets to lead the group into Dione.

I guess I do not have to tell you what happened next. For all of his height, Belore was slow on his feet, and Captain ran circles around him. Captain beat him like he were me at the time. All the men cheered, and Captain suggested that Belore use his time in Myridian getting stronger before the group returned.

True to his word, Belore stayed behind. Captain now had a group of like twenty men. Nah, let me count… like fifty! We waited for morning, then headed north.

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