The Myth of Arden: Isle of the Empress is now available!

“One way to fighting the current secular culture is with content of our own.”

That is the message I have heard from several different sources these last few years. In that spirit, I have written The Myth of Arden Series in a way that I hope will bring honor to God. I avoid using bad language, graphic images, and social themes that are currently popular. Instead, I focus on themes that emphasize Christian values. With that comes much prayer that whatever the outcome is, that God would be glorified.

To that end, I would covet your prayers as I launch the second book in the series. I pray that this work would be edifying to those who read it, and that God may use it in whatever way He sees fit to expand His kingdom.

If you click on the “FREE PREVIEW” button you can see the first chapter right now! Warning though, this is the second book in the series, and as such contains spoilers from the first book! Enjoy!

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